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2016 Small Healthy Steps 

Mist blends are carefully created with the intention of capturing the powerful benefits of essential oils in a subtle non invasive blend. 

These 2oz mist blends are made with certified pure, therapeutic grade oils, witch hazel and distilled water. Use them to spray the room when needed, in your energetic field or directly on your body. Can be used during meditation or to obtain the desired effect in your energetic body while going about your day. 

$18 each or $45 for the set of three. 



Aura Mist

This blend is designed to clear and protect the Aura. The Aura is an energetic field that surrounds all living beings. Our Aura is subject to absorb energies, this blend clears and protects this field from unwelcome energies. Excellent for after an Emotion Code session, empaths, negative situations or even just going out in public! 

~Frankincense~Vetiver~Rosemary~ Lavender~Lemon~Cypress~Cedarwood~

Frankincense~ This sacred oil holds powerful properties of purification of the mind, body and spirit clearing any negativity and offering protection and strength. 

Vetiver~ This oil has a calm and cool energy, clearing heat and uplifting emotions as it calms and shields the Aura. 

Rosemary~ This magical oil promotes healing of all kinds, it clears negative energy or bad juju and protects the aura from absorption of these energies from others.

Lavender~ This calming oil helps to purify and release any unwanted energetic blocks. It brings about grace and calmness and provides spiritual healing. 

Lemon~ This oil is a natural purifier, it has the power to heal by refreshing, energizing and cleansing the Aura. 

Cypress~ This oil liberates stuck energy. Its grounding properties fortifies the Aura and aids to gently contain your positive energies. 

Cedarwood~ This oil has grounding properties that can  assist in the release of toxic emotions and energies while providing protection, strengthening your Aura. 


Manifesting Mist

This blend is designed to attract and cultivate the energy of what you want to experience. It raises our vibration and allows us to set positive intentions. When our energy is vibrating at a low level, we attract more low level vibrations. When our energy is vibrating at a higher frequency we attract more of the same. This blend brings about attraction of abundance and is excellent for meditation.

~Cedarwood~Clary sage~Bergamot~Lemon~Chamomile~Lime~

Cedarwood~This oil brings about feelings of grounding and safety. It helps to connect with the earth and brings a positive energy. It enhances mindfulness, and contributes to positive thinking and increases balance and harmony. 

Clary Sage~ This ancient  oil helps to relax the mind, providing clarity of intentions while raising vibrations. It clears away negative energy and helps rid the mind of distractions.

Bergamot~ This citrus aids in uplifting the mood. It opens the mind to new possibilities while increasing self assurance and  building confidence. 

Lemon~ This oil helps to become clear and to recognize your intentions. It shifts your mindset to that of empowerment while uplifting and balancing mood. 

Chamomile~This oil releases rigid and ego based thinking, it encourages you to follow your true path. Its high vibration aids in the release of over thinking and helps the spirit to align and identify its purpose. 

Lime~This oil is beneficial for revitalizing one's energy, it helps to rid and clear the mind of negative energy while creating space for clarity and intention.  


Neutralizing Mist 

This blend is designed to rid and block negative energies. Excellent for empaths or in circumstances where we encounter “energy vampires” (people or situations that drain our emotional energy, often unintentionally). 

~Lavender~Lemon~Cypress~Grapefruit~Frankincense~Peppermint~Juniper Berry~

Lavender~This oil helps to calm and soothe, it expels negative energy and brings about feelings of harmony and happiness. 

Lemon~ This purifying oil clears negative energy or bad vibes and replaces it with upbeat, positive vibrations. 

Cypress~ This oil clears negative vibrations while grounding and increasing your vibrations. It eradicates negativity or excessive energies and leaves you feeling calm and grounded.

Grapefruit~ This oil helps to reduce the anxiety brought on by negative energy. It aids in restoring our own power and increases energy levels. 

Frankincense~ This powerful oil is known for its purification properties, it removes and wards off negative energies. It promotes feelings of peace and protection. 

Peppermint~ This oil removes negative energy and replaces it with motivated and invigorating energy. 

Juniper Berry~This oil is very protective. It expels negative energy and creates protective, positive energy. 

Save  $9 when you purchase all three mist blends together $45

High Vibrations   $30 

This 10ml roller bottle blend includes extremely high vibrational oils. A normal, healthy body vibrates at the frequency of 62-72 MHz. When we fall below this frequency we are in an illness or disease state. This blend is designed to raise your vibrations!

~Black Spruce~Helichrysum~Frankincense~Lavender~Blue Tansy~Chamomile~Melissa~Sandalwood~

Black Spruce~ Vibrates at the frequency of 500MHz

Helichrysum~ Vibrates at the frequency of 181MHz

Frankincense~ Vibrates at the frequency of 147MHz

Lavender~ Vibrates at the frequency of 118MHz

Blue Tansy~ Vibrates at the frequency of 105MHz

Chamomile~ Vibrates at the frequency of 105MHz

Melissa~ Vibrates at the frequency of 102MHz

Sandalwood~ Vibrates at the frequency of 96MHz

High Vibrations Set  $54 

About the Crystals~

Lapis Lazuli~ Deep blue in color. Encourages self awareness, reveals inner truth,stimulates Objectivity, clarity and encourages creativity. 

Epidote~ Calcium, aluminum, iron mineral. Increases energy, strengthens the physical body, encourages recovery and regeneration, raises vibration and brings abundance. 

Clear Quartz~ Clear/white in color. The stone of power, amplifies energy or intention, protects against negativity, enhances and strengthens the aura.