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2016 Small Healthy Steps 

Emotion Code / Heart-Wall

During a session, we will discuss issues you need to resolve in your life.  I then use Divine Guidance to access your subconscious mind to locate any trapped emotion or stagnant energies that are causing your concerns.  I will identify the approximate age that the emotion got trapped, the location in the body where it is lodged, and where it originated from (inherited, absorbed, traumatic event, etc.). Trapped emotions are identified individually as single and separate energy and released one at a time.

Price: $75

Location: NE Portland / SW Portland

Animal Emotion Code 

Animals can have trapped emotions too, especially rescue animals that have been through trauma.  These trapped emotions can cause behavioral issues like separation anxiety, overreaction to sounds, people or situations, general anxiety, destructive behavior, etc. 

Price: $60

Location: Remote Healing

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