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What is the Emotion Code?

The science behind the mind-body-spirit connection reveals that there is one true source of all emotional and physical illnesses: cellular stress caused by trapped emotions.  This type of cellular stress generates low-vibrational frequencies and imbalances within the body, chakras, and auric field, causing you to feel emotionally unbalanced, reactive, stressed and overwhelmed for no apparent reason.

Maybe you’ve tried many popular methods to address your concerns such as talk therapy, affirmations, visualization, EFT, or various other healing modalities, but have failed to reach your desired results.

Emotion Coding helps to address the root cause behind your symptoms by identifying and releasing trapped emotions.

Trapped emotion and their effect on the body. 

Every experience we have, whether positive or negative, gets coded into our subconscious, which is where 90 percent of our memory is stored.  The subconscious mind, however, does not reside within the brain as once thought. When we experience trauma or an intense negative emotion such as sadness, anger, frustration, resentment, grief, or heartache, the organs become a frequency generator of these emotions, creating a physiological response with the body. For instance, our body will either release dopamine, Oxycontin, and serotonin for positive emotions and adrenaline and cortisol for stressful or traumatic emotions. 


Since everything in this Universe is made up of energy, the body holds onto these emotions in the form of energy and creates a cellular memory, stored as images within the cells. Over time, the frequency of these trapped emotions break down the tissue and organs within the body creating cellular disharmony and a continuous state of stress, which keeps your body in a fight or flight response.  This type of stress ultimately compromises cellular communication and prevents the body from healing and doing its other tasks effectively.  


Addressing the root cause


Unless you address the root cause, all you're doing is treating or managing the symptoms.  By releasing trapped emotions at the cellular level and rewiring these communication circuits, the body is then able to reestablish its normal state of functioning and begin the healing process.  Once released, you will no longer be affected by your past.  You will feel less reactive and more at peace in any given situation

How trapped emotions keep you feeling "stuck" and unfulfilled

Trapped emotions not only create emotional and physical imbalances, they can also cause you to feel stuck and unfulfilled in life by creating a wall around your heart. Anytime we have feelings such as heartache, grief, frustration, resentment, etc., we subconsciously use these emotions to shield us from our painful experiences.  This is a protective mechanism that is meant to keep us from being hurt again.  

However, having a heart-wall not only shields you from heartache but can also block you from giving and receiving love, manifesting abundance, and finding your life purpose.  Heart-Walls can come from various things such as childhood experiences, traumas, relationship issues, conflict, breakups, and it can even be inherited. 

How Emotion Coding Helps

The Emotion Code was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson and is now being recognized as the most cutting-edge modality in Alternative Healing.  He spent over 20 years as a chiropractor helping his clients with complex problems like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, and even cancer. He believes that the symptoms and conditions his clients were experiencing were a result of some imbalance within the body, with trapped emotions being at the root. 

By communicating with our subconscious energy or our electromagnetic frequency through applied kinesiology or dowsing, together we can identify and release these emotions. 


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