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2016 Small Healthy Steps 

Emotion Code for Animals

Animals can have trapped emotions too, especially rescue animals that have been through emotional and physical trauma. This can cause cellular  stress, low-vibrational frequencies, and imbalances within the body. Overtime, this can manifest into behavioral issue such as:


  • Separation Anxiety

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Overreaction to sounds, people or situations

  • Destructive Behavior

  • Chronic Infections

  • And much more...

Releasing these trapped emotion may cause your pet to feel calm, balanced, and ready to live their best life!!!


"LaDeene changed our lives by helping Buddy with his fears and anxiety!  She did two remote sessions with him.  After the first one, he sat calmly when other dogs passed us on walks instead of being reactive.  Others commented about how relaxed he was.  We did a second session on July 2, because Buddy's fear of fireworks was starting. The July 4th holiday has always been a nightmare for us with Buddy racing around the house terrified, even when sedated or on anti-anxiety medicine. Nothing helped to calm him, no one got any sleep for days and he would be scared to go outside for a week. The results after the second session with LaDeene were immediate and dramatic!  Buddy was wagging his tail and playing all day. He had no issues going outside. He was a bit nervous during the evening of July 4, but he was content to sit close to us and get some extra love. The random fireworks that went off later in the week had absolutely no effect on him.  I am amazed by the change in Buddy and so grateful to LaDeene for helping us." 


-Julie G, Washington

"Earlier this month LaDeene performed emotional coding on my dog. He is ten years old and has had anxiety the past seven years since we got him. He was abandoned and had a lot of pent up issues that resulted in undesirable behaviors. He would shake whenever I left the house and refused to eat when we took him to a boarding facility. As well, he would shred anything that was left out while we were gone such as papers and boxes. After one emotional coding session he stopped shaking every time I left the house. He doesn't act as anxious anymore and has stopped tearing things up. After a second emotional coding he went to a boarding facility. This time he ate all his food and played in the yard. When I picked him up, he was calm and glad to see me but not emotionally stressed and exhausted before. I'm so appreciative of LaDeene's work. It's had a positive impact on my dog and makes my life better too!"

-Jonathan S, Oregon