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2016 Small Healthy Steps 

When thinking about health, we usually think of diet and exercise. But true optimum health and healing comes from a deeper level. Healing our bodies sometimes requires more than just a quick fix, treating symptoms with medicine, healthy eating or exercise alone. Our bodies have been perfectly designed to heal on their own! By digging deeper to uncover the root cause, our bodies can truly heal.

We fuel our bodies with healthy foods and move our bodies to create flexibility and endurance. But what about our energetic body? It is important to not just treat one part of our selves but to include all aspects to achieve ultimate health. It is important to consider and address the Mind, Body and Spirit in true whole health or whole healing.

Our bodies and everything around us are made up of energy, emotions are energy too. When energy becomes imbalanced or blocked, this is when dis-ease occurs. When our chakras are unbalanced, or emotions become trapped, physical and/or emotional imbalances occur. Creating the best possible balance in all areas creates whole health.


Have you tried dieting and eliminating foods but still can’t seem to lose weight?

Do you live a healthy lifestyle, but still battle with illness?

Do you feel stuck in your job, relationships or life in general?

Do you experience mood swings or extreme emotions and are not sure why?

When our bodies and energy are in balance, true healing begins.


Balance can be obtained through various modalities such as emotion coding, reiki and chakra balancing.


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